An attractive choice of windows and doors for London

In your search for new windows and doors, have you often struggled to find some that offer no-compromise quality and impressive security features, but also come at genuinely affordable prices? If so, you can rest assured that our company – Poplar Home Improvements – can provide exactly windows and doors of this type. This means that you can more easily transform the appearance of your residence for the better, and we will further explain why below…

Why both our products and services have great appeal

The uPVC windows that we offer come in made-to-measure designs, not to mention decorative glass and a range of colours. You can even opt for custom designs! The types of doors that we stock, meanwhile, include composite, uPVC, aluminium and wood doors – for both the front and back of your house. You can choose whatever available colour, style and glass effect you prefer when ordering a GRP front or back door from our business. There are certainly lots of options…

Furthermore, when you turn to us, you shouldn’t expect us to pressure you to make a purchase, as we do not employ salesmen. Also, unlike many of our competitors, we do not start specifying a high price before giving you a lower one. Instead, we cite only ONE price. You can also receive a product demonstration, but this is not mandatory. Ultimately, we leave you, the customer, in charge.

Why many Londoners can be pleased with our offerings

There are good reasons why we go to great lengths with the customisation options that we offer for windows and doors. One big reason is that we know our customers can, with their preferences and requirements, be as varied as London itself. The amazing variety of London has long been emphasised – even as long ago as the eighteenth century, when writer Samuel Johnson quipped that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

So, whether you’re from the north, south, east or west of the UK capital, you are unlikely to struggle to get hold of windows and doors to your liking. With almost 14 million people living in the London metropolitan area, there’s certainly plenty of scope for variety among tastes in that part of the country. However, we remain convinced that we can meet plenty of Londoners’ tastes, thanks to the broad choice of products that we stock. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn even more.

London: a powerful magnet for many Britons

In 2014, a poll revealed that one in six people globally wish to move to the UK capital to work - making it the planet's most popular city for work. It certainly wouldn't hurt that a job in London, one of the world's most influential cities, would enable a very exciting lifestyle as well.

There is a huge variety of job opportunities in the city, made possible by its strengths in fields including the arts, education, business, fashion, healthcare, finance, media, and tourism. The massive variety of the place extends far beyond workplaces, however. The 2011 census recorded 36.7% foreign-born residents of London, where over 300 languages are spoken.

Likely a very good reason for London's appeal among many different kinds of people is that the city's attractions are amazingly varied, too. There are fascinating historical buildings like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, art institutions such as the National Gallery and Tate Modern, and educational resources like the British Museum and British Library. The city also attracts many of the world's best dramatic productions to its West End theatres.

Why Londoners can take enthusiastically to our products

As we know that tastes can vary massively across London, we also know that tastes in home improvement products can be no exception. These products available from our team at Poplar Home Improvements include - but are certainly not limited to - windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, and porches for London residences.

Areas of London can differ markedly in their strengths. Artists and hippies can be in their element in East London, while North West London is notable for its elegant restaurants and bars. South West London, meanwhile, allows ready accessibility to green open spaces including Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. West London has become the city's globally-recognised face.

Further examples of what you can buy from our business

In many parts of London, being able to enjoy amazing sights while staying safe and comfortable in your home is much appreciated. We offer double glazing for London homes, in which our windows made of uPVC, aluminium, or wood can be installed. All of our windows, including bay, casement, cottage, and sliding sash varieties, have advanced energy-saving and security features built-in.

Those windows also greatly vary in look, as do our front and back doors. These include French, patio, and bi folding doors for London households seeking to let in a greater amount of natural light. Each of our external doors, excluding garage doors, features a Yale Kitemarked 3 star cylinder lock.

Still, however nice London looks, the city's weather can get choppy. Fortunately, we also offer Rooftrim and cladding products that can reliably weatherproof your home cost-effectively. This category includes our exterior cladding, bargeboards, fascia boards, soffits, roof guttering, and downpipes. Another category is that of garage doors, which we can provide in aluminium roller, GRP one piece, GRP side hinged, and steel sectional forms.

Online, we have posted even more details about our products, which include doors, windows, porches, and conservatories in London.