A seasonal home maintenance checklist

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Looking after a home is very much a routine responsibility, but you could too often take a reactive – rather than proactive – approach to providing this care. Ensuring that your home is always a fit place in which to live can heavily depend on acting before, rather than after, something goes wrong.

With autumn now very much upon us, here is a run-down of household tasks that are especially worth undertaking during the current chilly season.

Get outside – while you still practically can

While temperatures might, right now, be lower than what we are used to during summer, contending with the outside weather isn’t necessarily a huge struggle. This is because the weather still tends to be dry; heavy rain and snow are more likely to arrive with December and winter.

Therefore, it’s a good time to make sure that your home’s outdoor space looks good before the weather becomes too harsh for this to be practical. Why not rake leaves, as Better Homes & Gardens recommends, and replace old and drafty windows with more energy-efficient ones?

The idea of having modern windows installed on your property could worry you if that property has a traditional look. Wouldn’t modern-looking windows visually clash with the period features? However, it’s possible to obtain vintage-style windows that still utilise modern, energy-efficient technology; just read about the cottage windows that we offer here at Poplar Home Improvements.

Check those smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

These amazing appliances can save lives, but it’s essential that they have working batteries. Otherwise, when dangerous smoke or gas is present in the house, none of these appliances will be able to warn anyone. Hence, you should test the devices, as recommended by Care.com, and have new batteries put in if necessary.

In fact, you might find that one or more devices are faulty even when working batteries have been placed inside them. In that instance, it would be necessary to replace any problem device – and you should also make sure that each of your home’s floors, the basement included, has its own smoke detector that is functional and, thus, ready to aurally indicate a problem.

Spring clean? No, an autumn clean

Cleaning is something that obviously has to be done pretty regularly to prevent a residence becoming excessively dirty. However, during your more-than-seasonal cleaning endeavours, there may be certain parts of the house which escape too much of your attention. This helps make autumn a suitable time to check that you genuinely haven’t missed anything.
To this end, you can carry out some responsibilities that really should be undertaken monthly – such as cleaning the furnace filter to prevent dust accumulating, plus removing mineral deposits from faucet aerators and showerheads by cleaning them.
You should also look closely at your home’s windows – including those on doors – before giving each of them a thorough clean if you deem this necessary. You might want to have a professional conduct this work instead if this seems more sensible.