Ensuring the security of your new front door

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The simple fact is that if your new door is not secure then neither is your home. Almost all burglars enter your home through the door which is why it is vital that your door should be the main focus of home security. Here we cover a lot of the basics of basic door

Replace single glazing

Single glazed windows and window areas on doors are vulnerable to attack so replace them with double glazing that reaches modern security standards. Double glazing makes glass harder for smashing whether by a burglar or a

Go windowless

A window on your door will allow natural light to filter into your hall, but it also poses a security risk. A window that is positioned close to the door lock may encourage someone to smash the glass to open the door from the inside. Although it’s definitely better to go windowless, frosted or reinforced glass might be some options you want to consider if you’re worried about your home’s

Install a deadbolt

Even if the lock on your door is incredibly strong, it can still be forced upon if it is not extended deep enough into the door’s frame. The definition of a deadbolt is “a lock bolt that is moved by turning a knob or a key without the action of a spring” meaning it can resist forced entry into the house. This gives you the highest protection against any security  

Have a strong frame

The frame and the door jamb should never be overlooked because together they are essential to the security of your door. Choose a deeper box strike (a steel part that houses the bolt of your deadlock) and affix the screws into the wall studs instead of the door jamb. You can also reinforce your door jamb with steel to withstand forced

Add more protection

Once you’ve installed your new door, you might want to think about a second form of protection such as metal bars that can stand as a further entry barrier to your home. You should also make sure to opt for a company that can install a multi-point locking system that has a minimum of three locking points that will lock simultaneously once the key has been

Keep it solid

All exterior doors need to be solid and kick proof but what type of material will allow for this? Solid wood, fibreglass or metal are all good options, but if you’re looking for the sturdiest door of all, you’ll want to opt for reinforced steel. Be aware, however, that this type of door will require extra maintenance to prevent

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