Embracing natural light in your home

By Saqib Iftikhar In Interior Design No comments

What exciting feature of your residence could make the biggest difference in sealing a sale of that home? It might be an open-plan kitchen or a large and safe garden. Alternatively, it may simply be abundant natural light, according to research cited by HouseBeautiful.

A survey saw 26% of respondents select natural light as a family home’s “must-have” feature. That made it the most sought-after feature for such a home that would be on sale. This shouldn’t come as a large surprise, however, given the publicised merits of such light and how easily it can be brought.

Let there be natural light – but why?

Much of your residence’s current lighting could originate from electrical appliances. This would not be healthy for the planet, as electricity generation creates various harmful chemicals, says One Green Planet. These chemicals include sulphur dioxide and carbon emissions.

Other environmental problems can be associated with electrical power production. To cite a few examples, water quality can be impacted, there can be a greater amount of production wastes, and industrial zones can also increase.

All of these problems can be at least somewhat curbed when artificial lighting is increasingly foregone in favour of natural lighting instead.

Your personal health can be improved, too

With lots of sunlight coming through your windows, you can prevent deficiencies in the vitamins D and B1. Therefore, you might be able to avert the onset of diseases like beriberi and rickets.

You ought to also keep in mind the link between many diseases, particularly chronic respiratory problems, and bacteria and fungus that has developed in damp spaces like bathrooms and basements. Harmful organisms can grow less readily due to natural lighting.

So, how can you make natural light more abundant?

Inviting a greater amount of natural light and making the most of that light doesn’t have to be as arduous as you may first expect. You could start by considering the greenery, such as trees and bushes, outside and how much it is impacting the interior light levels. Is it time for a trim?

While outside, also check that the windows and glass doors are immaculately clean – as this will ensure that more light can pass through the glass. Once you have returned to your house, see where you can replace matte surfaces with glossy ones, as these will do a better job of reflecting the natural light that enters the building and increasing how big and bright the spaces look.

Why having new windows installed can also help

While we have recommended various good ways of boosting the prominence of organic lighting in the residence, one of the best methods is arranging for new, larger windows to be installed.

Your home could be especially well-positioned to let in a high amount of this lighting if it is in a particularly rural location. Therefore, windows that could suit it aesthetically as well as in a practical sense include cottage windows that we can provide and which meet specifications cited by you.